Top 16 Best Cutting Board for Meat Reviews 2021

Are you done buying the right meat-cutting knife? If yes, then what’s next? Probably, you need the best cutting board for meat to prevent the countertops and plates from getting messy and scratched.

If you want to explore your cooking skills, it starts right from the equipment you are using. You won’t perform your best unless you don’t have the right utensil to slice, chop, or mince the things smoothly. Cutting starts right from the right knife and a cutting board.

Can you bear any compromise on your cooking quality? Definitely not! So, stop thinking anymore and get to the best cutting board for shun knives right cutting board for meat

Buying a casual cutting board isn’t challenging at all, but choosing the right cutting board can make a real difference when it comes to cut meat on it. When you are cutting meat on a cutting board, it can either make you feel like a pro or kill your enthusiasm right away.

Don’t worry! We won’t let that happen! We are here, after detailed research, with our top-best meat carving board.


What is a cutting board?


It’s a durable or sturdy surface to cut, slice, mince, chop vegetables, fruits, meat, and other cooking material. The cutting boards provide not only a sturdy surface for smooth meat cutting, but they serve equally well as a trivet for hot pots. Sounds impressive?

However, the best cutting board for raw meat is designed explicitly for slicing or chopping meat. Click here to know more

Cutting board sizes


Covering a wide range of sizes, the cutting boards are large enough to carve an entire crew or small enough to prepare lemon garnishing for toppings. What size are you looking for, by the way?

You have to choose the size that suits perfectly to your needs.


Uses of Cutting Boards for Meat


A cutting board is not only a cutting board –it’s something more! That sounds crazy, but trust me, it’s actually something more. So let’s get right into some other uses of cutting boards.

  • You can use your cutting board to serve a heavy delicious meal, making a platter. It’s perfect for a fruit and cheese platter.
  • A wooden cutting board is ideal for serving as a trivet for hot dishes. You can certainly prevent the counter or tabletops from scorching.
  • If you have an aesthetic wooden cutting board, it can serve as the best background for your recent dish. Do try; it’s going to be awesome.
  • It can be a great art easel for your daughter.
  • A large cutting board can serve as the base for building cake and ginger houses.

Types of Cutting Boards


There are four common types of cutting boards based on the material.

  • Plastic

There are some best plastic cutting boards for meat in the market that are made of high-density polyethylene. These are easier to clean, much lightweight, portable, and dishwasher safe. Plastic material is much resistant to heat, acids, alcohols, and even scratching.


  • Wooden


Wooden cutting boards are ancestors of all –best known for their durability. They can even last up to years if you are maintaining them properly. Due to their heavy build, they are ideal for cutting meat.

  • Glass

Here’s a fashionable touch to a traditional cutting board –the classy and sophisticated design that’s best for your contemporary kitchen. Glass cutting boards are hygienic, lightweight, and easier to maintain.

Unfortunately, they are more prone to scratches than wooden or plastic.

  • Silicone

The recent addition to the culinary world, the silicone cutting boards, are best known for their flexibility. Yes! You can bend them anyway. You can store and carry them anywhere –well, thanks to its suppleness.

They are easy to sanitize and won’t affect your knife’s sharpness.


The Plastic Cutting Board –Best for Raw Meat So Far!


All cutting boards seem to work alike –you can cut anything on any board! NO! It’s the biggest misconception.

The plastic cutting boards are great-to-go-with if you are a meat lover and often prepare it. Because the plastic, being slippery, will not allow chicken’s juice to accumulate in it. You just have to toss it through water and get it cleaned.

Moreover, the best cutting board for raw meat comes with grooves engraved on the outer rims to collect the chicken juices. Isn’t it interesting? No mess up!

The Wooden Cutting Boards –Best for Anything Else!

Whether you want to chop veggies for pasta or prepare pizza toppings, the wooden cutting board is right here. You can prep anything on a wooden cutting board. When we say anything, we really mean it!

Now we are going to discuss ” what is the best cutting board ” for your easy selection.

List of Top 16 Best Cutting Board Reviews

Can’t wait for more? Let’s get right into our 16 top picks.

Products Material Dishwasher safe Weight
1.       Prep Solutions Cutting Board


Plastic Yes 3.13 pounds
2.       Best Professional Cutting Board


White plastic Yes 1.1 pounds
3.       Best Natural wood fiber-based Cutting Board


Composite Yes 2.25 pounds
4.       Three-piece bamboo cutting board set


Bamboo Yes 30.8 ounces
5.       IKEA bamboo cutting board


Bamboo No 6.09 pounds
6.    Bamboo Wood Cutting Board


Bamboo Yes 5.4 pounds
7.    Organic Bamboo Cutting Board For Kitchen


Bamboo Yes 1.55 kilograms
8.    Seville classic bamboo cutting board


Wood, Polyvinyl Chloride Yes 5.8 pounds
9.       Epicurean cutting board


Composite Yes 0.75 kilograms
10.  Grippmat Flexible Cutting Board Set


Gripmat flexible material Yes 0.8 pounds
11.  OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board


Plastic Yes 0.7 kilograms
12.  Multi-Function Cutting Board


Plastic Yes 12 ounces
13.   Clever chef best cutting board


Glass Yes 0.5 pounds
14.   Premium two-tone cutting block


Rubberwood Yes 9.1 pounds
15.  Maple Wood Cutting Board


Maple and cherry wood Yes 6.25 pounds
16.   Kitchen aid cutting boards Poly Santoprene Yes 1.75 pounds


Reviews of our best products


1. Best luxury– Premium two-tone cutting block


Progressive Prep Solutions Cutting Board, Juice Grooves, Large Thick Chopping Board, Dishwasher Safe, Measures 17.38" X 11.25"



Are you in search of the most beautiful and the best type of cutting board for raw meat? Here comes the perfect heck in the cutting boards, i.e., Premium two-toned cutting board with its luxury build.

This cutting block comprises two-toned wood that provides it with an eye-catching look coupled with a durable body.

You can clean this excellent quality cutting board in click-on files just by pouring fresh water on it. There is no limitation with this cutting block; you can use it for every purpose.

For professional level butchers, this cutting board can be a perfect buy overall. Whether looking at its look or the robust construction, both will make you shun.

Moreover, when it comes to handling, this cutting block has got exceptional grips for this purpose.


Size: 19.5”x 14”x 1.5” | Material: Rubberwood | Color: Two-tone | Brand:KOOQ | Shape: Rectangular | Weight:9.1 Pounds
  • Outstanding quality
  • Sturdy and robust construction
  • Good gripping handles
  • A little bit heavier than other brands
  • A bit expensive



2. Best DesignOrganic Bamboo Cutting Board For Kitchen



Organic bamboo meat cutting board by HHXRISE is BPA-free that takes cutting boards to a whole new level. This board is designed to insight the culinary passion in you.

At the very first sight of the design of this cutting board, you will shake your head. Let us tell you in a bit of detail. This extra-large meat cutting board comes with an excellent cutting surface coupled with separated compartments to prepare the different topping.

On the other hand, the cutting board contains a groove that will collect the extra drips from your meat slices. Yes, you heard it right –it’s the best cutting board for raw chicken. Now with this cutting board, you don’t have to worry about the messy counter anymore.

This meat cutting board proves to be your best chopping partner no matter what you are up to. Plus, you can hold it and hang it with the side handle.


Size: 17”x12.6” | Material: Bamboo | Color: Yellow | Brand: HHXRISE | Shape: Rectangular | Weight: 1.55 Kilograms
  • Practical design
  • Highly-durable
  • Built-in separate compartments
  • Easy to handle
  • It might be heavy for some cooks


3. Best Aesthetics-Natural wood fiber-based Cutting Board 


If you want a robust and good-looking cutting board, frankly, invest your money in Gourmet Series by the renowned culinary brand –Epicurean.

Is tang construction utilizes high-quality wood harvested from USA forests? YES! The high-quality natural wood-fiber makes it much durable to bear even the sharpest knives. Don’t worry! Your knife’s edge is safe with it.

You can clean the surface of this exceptional quality meat cutting board just in a blink with freshwater or a dishwasher. And let us tell you that it comes with approval from NSF.

Wait, wait, wait, not only this also you don’t have to stuff your head with maintenance processes in this immense quality cutting board. It will remain color-rich and fresh even without any bleaching process.

We must say that the Epicurean cutting board series is the best wood cutting board for meat in our line. It’s an excellent choice for chefs and will show you wonders for every single penny you have spent on it.


Size: 14.5” x 11.25” | Material: Composite | Color: Natural/ Slate | Brand: Epicurean | Shape: Rectangular | Weight: 2.25 Pounds
  • Hanging spot available
  • Robust and everlasting quality
  • Approved from Natural Safety Foundation
  • Temperature resistant
  • The surface layer is not well maintained.


4. Best Organic BambooThree-piece bamboo cutting board set


Totally Bamboo has marked its debut in the culinary world with its kitchen-friendly equipment. This cutting board set is a perfect depiction of the ideal quality-to-price ratio. As it’s well-reputed for providing more for fewer prices.

You won’t be able to praise the quality before using this perfect kitchen meat cutting board. Ideal in dimensions and quality means overall 10 out of 10 for this one.

You’d be surprised knowing that this bamboo cutting board is designed to provide you with an excellent cutting experience and take care of your knives. Flat-grain bamboo construction with smooth finishing makes it one of the best cutting boards for shun knives.

Organic grade bamboo cutting board is a perfect to-go option as it is safe in usage and cleaning. Astonishing, isn’t it?


Size: 13” x 9.5” x 1” | Material: Bamboo | Color: Brown | Brand: Totally Bamboo | Shape: Rectangular | Weight: 08 Ounces
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to clean and use

  • Keep your knives safer.

  • Very ergonomic

  • Some customers noticed fragments on the board.


5. Best Collecting GrooveIKEA bamboo cutting board


Here comes the IKEA LAMPLIG bamboo wood meat cutting board specially designed for those who don’t want their counter spilled with blood and chicken juice. Yes, you hear it right. For this, you can thank the best-developed collecting groove on it.

Excellent and balanced dimensions to weight ratio mean it will give its best in providing you with a perfectly balanced and even surface for your meat chopping and slicing.

Durable wood construction means what? A board with fair usage and longer life with being easy on your knife.  That’s what IKEA engraved in their recent series.

Let us tell you that SKYYD wood treatment oil is what you will need to keep your wooden cutting board fresh as a daisy for a more extended period. We can say that this is one of the best cutting boards for raw chicken.

What you think makes this board a go-to option? Its easy cleaning procedure and exceptional quality performance will be money worth it for you.


Size: 18”x 20.75” | Material: Bamboo | Color: Wood Color | Brand: IKEA | Weight: 09 Pounds | Shape: Square
  • Easy to clean
  • Meat drips collecting groove
  • In-tone dimensions and weight
  • Cool design
  • Wood treatment oil is what you have to buy separately
  • A bit pricey


6. Best ConstructionBamboo Wood Cutting Board


Trust me when we say this; Lipper bamboo cutting board will change your chopping perception; we mean it! This cutting board comes up with exciting multi-colored poly mats as well.

Engineered to be on the point, this polypropylene cutting board is designed o bring a new flavor to your kitchen and improve your chopping experience.

As it’s clear, the mats are added to prevent the board from slipping on the countertop. It’s all up to your nature of cooking and chopping whether you use it once at a time or all at once.

The moral of the story? The bamboo board is an outstanding invention for you, which you can also customize for your usage. It will never disappoint you by any means –because it’s one of the best chopping board.


Size:16″ x 13-1/8″ x 1-5/8″ | Material: Bamboo | Color: Bamboo Wood | Brand: Lipper International | Shape: Rectangular | Weight: 5.04 Pounds
  • Groove for collecting extra juice
  • Non-porous finishing is ideal for meat cutting
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Comes in five sizes
  • Dishwasher safe quality
  • Can get cut marks of knives


7. Best CoatingBest Professional Cutting Board


Norpro professional cutting board comes up with an overall sensational design. I mean, just look at the design so much catchy it is.

For those who are sick of messy and watery kitchen shelves while cutting the meat, this cutting board is made for you to make this problem fly away. It is grooved on the outer side to collect the excess juice from your meat cuttings.

The handle is perfect for gripping and is of absolute size for easy handling, so it’s comfortable to hold –deserving to be on the list of the best chopping board for meat

An interesting fact! This cutting board is made using polyethylene to slice, dice, chop, and cut not only the meat but anything. It’s safe with all sorts of dishwashers.

Still in doubt? How about the fact that this cutting board is so on point that you have full opportunity to use it for commercial and industrial use as well.


Size: 15.5” x 10” | Material: Plastic | Shape: Rectangular | Color: White | Brand: Norpro | Weight: 1 Pounds
  • Groove for collecting extra juice
  • Non-porous finishing is ideal for meat cutting
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Comes in five sizes
  • Dishwasher safe quality
  • Can get cut marks of knives


8. Best VersatileSeville classic bamboo cutting board


The cutting board that does it all, with its built quality and the design, this outstanding meat cutting and slicing board will leave you stunned for sure.

It is undoubtedly an all-rounder, whether it’s a simple cheese cutting or delicate meat slicing and mincing. This cutting board has got your back.

Flexible cutting mats of several colors are added with this cutting board, which you call an additional benefit. These mats feature a separate logo on each that you can use according to the nature of your work.

You may be wondering why this cutting board is on the list? It’s because it’s non-slip silicone feet that will prevent slipping and sliding, plus its ideal weight and dimensions.

This eye-catching and all-rounder cutting board is the money-worth option not only for raw meat but it’s also one of the best steak cutting board.


Size: 7 Mats | Material: Wood, Polyvinyl Chloride | Color: Natural | Brand: Seville Classics | Shape: Rectangular | Weight: 8 Pounds


  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip silicone feet
  • Well-balanced
  • The bamboo top can be much more robust


9. Best Heat ResistantEpicurean cutting board


Here comes epicurean cutting board with its recent14. 5-Inch x 11. 25-inch dimensions. Overall, these are made up of using paper composite material to make this cutting board bear temperatures up to 350-degree.

You can have hot steaks or smoked meat serving in the form of a platter. That’s why we call it the­ best cutting board for smoked meat.

Plus, the ergonomic and sleek design will let you hold the board with great accuracy while cutting.

Moreover, the most advantageous point about this cutting board is its thumb-style hole, which you can use for easy storage or hanging purposes.

What is exceptional in this cutting board? Let us tell you that this board promises to absorb all foul odors and bacteria to prevent you from getting any mishaps.


Size: 14.5”× 11.25” | Material: Composite | Color: Natural | Brand: Epicurean | Shape: Rectangular | Weight: 0.75 Kilograms
  • Optimal design and construction
  • Exceptional rigidity and hardness
  • Great craftsmanship
  • It does not have rubber corners


10. Best Flexible-Grippmat Flexible Cutting Board Set


Dexas is presenting you with one of the best and most unique flexible cutting board sets. It will keep to stunned with its exceptional quality and stylish construction.

Exceptionally light-weighted, you said? It’s dead right because these flexible mats have almost negligible weight. Also, they have got non-porous and non-absorbent properties, which means easiest to clean.

Now you don’t have to worry about slipping and getting hurt by a knife because here is the king. This flexible cutting board set has a strong gripped backing to prevent slipping.

And you know what? These cutting boards have such a flexible construction that you can even fold them into a funnel to pour meat into a pan. That’s crazy!

Finally, we would say that this all-rounder dish washes safe and one of the best cutting boards for carving meat is a must-buy option for all of the culinarians.


Size: 11.5”x 14” | Color: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red | Material: Polypropylene | Brand: Dexas | Shape: Rectangular | Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Flexible body
  • Non-absorbent finishing
  • Strongback grip for great hold
  • Affordable choice
  • Not suitable for heavy chopping


11. Best Decent-OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board


Durable, classy, and perfect for everyday usage, so what am I talking about? The only cutting board presented by OXO. This captivating and easy-to-use cutting board is right here for you.

Looking for a double-sided and non-porous cutting board for multiple usages? Then yes, you are at the right thing. This meat-cutting board will satisfy you to the extreme.

Another essential and notice-worthy feature of this cutting board is its tapered edges. Also, your counter will remain clean because of collecting duct type construction.

Now you don’t have to worry about slippery shelves because this cutting board has adjusted feet to keep your board fixed at one spot while cutting. Isn’t it amazing?

You can go for this dishwasher safe, and we may say that one of the best steak cutting boards blind-folded. All thanks to its incredible quality.


Size: 7.3”x 10.85”x 1” | Material: Plastic | Color: Clear | Brand: OXO | Shape: Rectangular | Weight: 0.7 Kilograms
  • Fully dimensional
  • The integrated drip catching system
  • Non-slip feet
  • Board may get scratches while cutting



12. Best Size-Multi-Function Cutting Board


If you imagine having a double-sided, multi-purpose, and robust cutting board in your kitchen, then Joseph Joseph is right here. Yes, you heard it right. It made your wish come true by presenting you with this beautiful cutting board.

You have full opportunity to utilize this black-colored cutting board for your everyday cheese and bread slicing to meat mincing and slicing.

One side is plane for dry chopping while the other griped side is what you can use for meat mincing, and the grips will prevent drippings from flowing.

The results? We would say that this rectangular, gripped, robust, and one of the best meat carving boards is a perfect heck for every chef or cooking enthusiast.


Size: 11.50”x 1”x 14.50” | Material: Plastic | Color: Black | Brand: Joseph Joseph | Shape: Rectangular | Weight:12 Ounces
  • Built-in meat grip on one side
  • Perfectly dimensional
  • Easy pouring corners
  • Double-sided
  • A bit expensive than its competitors


13. Best Lightweight-Clever chef best cutting board


Let us tell you about an all-rounder and most recommended meat cutting board down here. Yes, it’s true. Clever chef’s best cutting board is well reputed for its unique and breath-taking glassy look and construction.

Its glass body means exceptionally neat and easy shredding and chopping of meat or chicken without getting cut marks on the board because of its construction, i.e., best cutting board material for meat.

The shatter-resistant glass used in its construction will assure you to make this cutting board a non-slip material. While chopping meat, you don’t need to worry about the slippery shelves anymore.

Most impressive of all, for those interested in kitchen aesthetics, this modern and ravishingly beautiful cutting board is the complimentary option for you.

What’s the bottom line? We assure you to have a wonderful experience with this cutting board overall.


Size: 20”x 1”x 30” | Color: White | Material: Glass | Brand: Clever Chef | Shape: Rectangular | Weight:5 Pounds
  • Non-slip board
  • Rigid and robustly made
  • Attractive and good-looking
  • It may make noise while chopping


14. Best OverallPrep Solutions Cutting Board



Progressive International presents you with an overall excellent quality cutting board. Whether you talk about the design or the ease of chopping and cutting the meat, Prep Solutions will amaze you in both cases.

Why is this cutting board so special? Its polythene-crafted white surface gives it enchanting white-color aesthetics and makes it one of the best types of cutting board for meat.

Another most fantastic thing about this cutting board is that it will never make your kitchen messy. How do you think it will do that? All because of its exceptionally-made reservoir for collecting juices of the meat.

Its overall dimensions and the gripping handle perfectly symmetrical and made while keeping the user’s ease in mind. We think that all of these points are enough to convince a culinarian.


Size: Large | Material: Plastic | Color: White | Brand: Progressive International | Shape: Rectangular | Weight: 13 Pounds
  • Smooth white coating for cutting meat
  • Dishwasher safe materials
  • Mess control reservoir for collecting juices
  • Polyethylene crafting
  • Gripped handle for easy storage and handling
  • Perfect size-to-weight ratio
  • Relatively less sturdy


15. Best Maple Wood-Maple Wood Cutting Board


Modernly designed and astonishingly crafted, this cutting board will keep your eyes wide open with its outstanding performance and exceptional quality built.

We are well-familiar with the fact that maple and cherry wood are well-reputed for their durability and quality. Keep your minds clear about the built quality because it is the best cutting board wood–made from maple.

Other than this cutting board is famous for its versatility, which means that you can use it for hundreds of tasks and still get more than exceptional results.

But you are probably wondering what is so much unique about it. This finest quality and highly recommended cutting board has got all of the qualities a perfect cutting board should have. Despite being the best cutting board for chicken, it’s great for veggies too.


Size: 17”x 13” x 1.1” | Material: Walnut, Cherry, Maple | Color: Natural | Brand:Sonder Los Angeles | Shape: Rectangular | Weight:25 Pounds
  • Exceptional quality built
  • Bewitching maple wood design
  • Everlasting durability
  • Is quite fragile


16. Best AffordableKitchenAid Cutting Boards


Let’s dive into one of the best chopping board’s detailed features, I.e., a KitchenAid cutting board.Last but not least on our list, this board is perfect for those who are looking for some vigorous chopping.

The quality and the design both are so detailed that they can grab everyone’s attention in seconds.

Other than this, you can clean your board just by pouring water and a dishwasher on it. This stain-resistant board will be all shinning again.

No matter what you are putting on your board, it will not get any odor, which is enough for a meat cutting board.


Size: 14”x 11”x 0.31” | Material: Plastic | Color: White and Maroon | Brand: Kitchen-Aid | Shape:Rectangular | Weight:75 Pounds
  • Easy to clean
  • Good looking and unique
  • Best for vigorous chopping
  • Non-absorbent coating
  • The corners are maybe quite disappointing

Would you like to mess-up chopping the meat when guests are waiting outside? Probably not! Get yourself the best cutting board for meat to cut, slice, chop, dice, or mince it anyway. We’ve mentioned some top-notch highly-rated models by some prestigious culinary brands to make you one step closer to your purchase.

But how do you know which cutting board is best for you? Don’t worry; we have our top pick for you.

Progressive Prep Solutions Cutting Board has marked the first place in our top picks –because it deserves to be. The decent design, great practicality, and several meat-cutting-friendly features make it ultimately the best type of cutting board for meat.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What type of cutting board is best?
if you’re talking about cutting raw meat, any cutting board will do. If you’re talking about cutting a cooked roast or something and serving from it, then you want a wooden board to protect your knives and it must have a channel to collect juices or else your table will collect them. The channel should have a well at one corner or else it may prove insufficiently deep.

(Answer is taken from

2. Which kind of cutting board is best for meat?
If you are looking for best type of cutting board for raw meat, then we’ll end up saying that there’s no good option than a plastic cutting board. They are efficient at eliminating the juices and leftovers from the surface. However, for chopping the cooked chicken, then we’ll prefer wooden boards.
3. Which cutting boards are most sanitary?
As we know, it’s quite easy to clean plastic cutting boards and keeping them hygienic. That’s absolutely fine because we think to some extent. However, scientific research shows that wooden chopping boards are the safest and preferable to plastic.
4. Which cutting boards do chefs use?
Most professional chefs recommend using plastic cutting boards as it is the best cutting board for carving meat.They are made from food-grade polyethylene and are meant to last longer. Being safe to any dishwasher, you can clean the plastic cutting board by merely dipping it into water. No efforts needed!
5. What size cutting boards sell the most?
Commonly 14X16” and 16X18” cutting boards are selling today. However, exceptionally, there a little larger size that’s in demand today. Moreover, some thinner boards are selling as squares, for example,12X12 or 14X14.

Finally, we have discussed and covered different types of best cutting board for meat, we will appreciate it if you suggest us more to make better our research and discussion for your help, if you feel that i have written better than please write some words for our hardworking team.

Thank you for reading our article attentively and carefully.

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