Best Fillet Knife 2021 (May updated)| 12 Picks & Detailed Buying Guide


Sometimes it’s just getting so messy to cut meat and fish from a de-factochef’s knife; the best fillet knife comes right into play.

If you’re a seafood lover and love to prepare meals, the right equipment is the first thing you need. After getting the right cutting board, you need the fillet knife to smoothly cut all kinds of seafood. Want to know more about a fillet knife? Let’s get into it!

Fillet knife definition

The fillet knife is the most flexible member of the boning knife family that offers the right balance and control. Undoubtedly, it is used to fillet and prep the fish. Its smartly-constructed blade runs smoothly over the backbone and under the meat skin.

If you want to know more What is a fillet knife? then please click here.

When you have so many jaw-dropping options in front of you, choosing the top one is more than a headache. What to do, by the way?

After detailed research and expert recommendations, we are here with our top 12 picks to narrow down your choices. Plus, our detailed buying guide will make you a step closer to your purchase.


Our quick picks for best fille knife 2021



What to look for in a Fillet Knife?

Buying the right fillet knife is not that much easy. Before selecting any one, you must have proper knowledge about the must-haves of a fillet knife. You have to look for a high-quality blade while purchasing the best filet knife. The fillet knife’s blade for cleaning fish must be thin but still durable and can hold a sharp edge. The length of the fish also matters a lot, which you are cleaning. The next thing which you should take into account is its material.

Usually, the fillet knives are made up of high-quality stainless steel material. But keep this thing in mind that all stainless steel materials are not of equal quality. Unfortunately, many fillet knives do not show the type of stainless steel, but at this time, you have to choose a reputable company. Another consideration is that the best fillet knife for fish can be used outdoors and in wet conditions.

There are many factors that you have to consider before purchasing the best fillet knife kitchen.

1.Japanese VS German

For the fillet knives, there are mainly two best options. First one is the German and the second is Japanese. Both of these differ in the sharpness, angle, edge, thickness, and hardness. But keep this point in your consideration that the lower the angle of the blade, the sharper the blade is.

You will find German knives with a wide blade angle near to 18 degrees. While on the other hand, the Japanese fillet knives are with the angles of 10 to 15 degrees. So you may get clear which to opt for.

But apart from the angles, there is something named design. And the majority of the people look for a better design. From both of the options, you will get German knives with thick bolsters. Thus the blade becomes capable of cutting through the meats and tough veggies fluently.

2. Full VS Partial Tang:

Having proper information about the type of tang is crucial. But wait, do you know what tang is? It is the metal part that includes both the blade and the remaining piece of blade that have extension through the whole handle.

A knife with full tang is one that has metal extending from the tip to the butt. While on the other side, the partial one is with partial tang. It means that the tang is not extended to the full length of the handle. The knives with full length tang are stronger because they don’t have any weak points plus they possess a better balance. So always opt for the knife that is with full length tang.

3. Size of the Blade:

The size of the knife blade usually ranges from a 4-inch fillet knife and 9 inches in length. Usually, top-rated fillet knives’ standard size is 4, 6, 7.5, and 9 inches. Although they come in different varieties, these varieties’ main reason is related to the size of the fish you are using for making fillets.

So if the fish size is more prominent, then the blade’s length is also significant, and if the fish size is smaller, you will use a small size blade knife.

4. Material of blade & Handle for fillet knife

When you purchase the fillet knife for cleaning fish, the knife’s material also plays a significant role. The handles were made up of wood in the past, but plastic and rubber took their place in the market.

Nowadays, manufacturers are not using wood as the fillet knife’s handle because it gets too slippery and difficult to handle when it is wet. So you do not have full control over the best fish fillet knife when the handle is of wood. The other drawback of wooden handles is that they absorb the smell of fish while you’re cutting it.

If we talk about the blade material, then it is made up of stainless steel. Stainless steel material is quite practical even if it’s frequently wet. For this purpose, chromium is made use in stainless steel blades, which makes them resistant to corrosion. The corrosion resistance prevents the staining of the blades. Therefore they are easy to use and clean.

5. Tip of the Fillet Knife:

Many fillet knives have a pointed blade, with the help of which the slicing and screening of the fish become easier. Usually, the back edge of the blade of the knife curves upward from the handle to the tip. This curve helps increase the knife belly’s size, which is the cutting edge’s curved part.

6. Thickness of Blade:

The thickness of the fish fillet knife and flex is usually associated with the point blade’s length. Suppose the size of the blade is smaller, then it is thinner and more flexible. The perfect fillet knife’s property has more flex, and if the flex is greater, it will work efficiently around bones.

It is also helpful in removing the skin of the fish. So if you are purchasing the best fillet knife for rockfish, it must be flexible enough to make good fillets. Usually, the best fish filet knife blades are skinny, approximately 2.5 to 3.5 millimeters at the spine. If the blade is stiff, it is difficult to remove the skin from the fillet or work around the rib bones.

When the skin of the fillet is removed, then the thinness of the blade is magnified. So, the amazing quality fillet knife’s blade must come with great flexibility when removing skin to follow the fish’s contours. These knives are from the boning knife family because they are very flexible and used to fillet and prepare fish.

Usually, the blade of a high-quality fillet knife is 15 to 28 cm or 6 to 11 inches, which allows them to move quickly while cutting fish. Moreover, you can also move the blade knife of the knife along the backbone and under the meat’s skin with ease.

7. Electric Fillet Knives

Along with the manual fillet knives, electric fillet knives are also available. They are modern ones and are suitable for those who want to clean the mess of fish regularly.

They are easy to use, and you can effortlessly work to make the fillets and cut them. Along with its easy-to-use function, it also saves you a lot of time when you do not have to put a lot of effort into cutting a fish. Keep in mind that it is not easy to use the electric top-quality fillet knife because it is electric and has a bit of a learning curve. So you will take some time to get used to it.

Uses of the best fillet knife

The fish fillet knife is also called a filleting knife, usually used in the kitchen to cut meat, especially fish. It is beneficial in making good fillets and gives you reasonable control in doing all the things. The good part of a high-quality fillet knife is that it is a flexible one and is usually used to make the fillets and prepare fish. The size of the finest knife ranges from 6 to 11 inches.

Before going to reviews look at the comparison table for a brief specifications of fillet knives;

Comparison Table


Product Name


Brand Name


Blade Material


Handle Material

Rhinoreto Fish fillet knife Rhinoreto Stainless Steel Rubber
Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition High Carbon Blade Chicago Cutlery High Carbon Stainless Steel wood
Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife Morakniv Stainless Steel rubber
Kershaw Clearwater 9-In Fillet Knife 


Kershaw Stainless Steel Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife  


Bubba Stainless Steel Plastic
Dexter P94812 Fillet Knife Dexter-Russell Stainless Steel Polypropylene
Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet / Single Stage Sharpener


Rapala Alloy Steel rubber
Shun Cutlery Classic Boning and Fillet Knife


Shun Stainless Steel Ebony
Victorinox Cutlery 8-Inch Straight Fillet Fishing Knife


Victorinox Stainless Steel Patented Fibrox
WÜSTHOF Classic 7 Inch Fillet Knife with Leather Sheath | Thin 7″ Fish Fillet Knife


WÜSTHOF Stainless Steel Ebony
Mercer Culinary Millennia Narrow Fillet Knife


Mercer Culinary High Carbon Stainless Steel Santoprene
KastKing Fillet Knife 7 inch, Professional Level Knives KastKing Stainless Steel Plastic

Now I think you have gotten an idea about our products but let me know to review the knives  in detail after that you I will inform you about “How To Fillet a Fish”?

Best fillet knives reviews

Let’s Dive in…

1.Best Fish fillet knife-Rhinoreto

 In any high-quality Fillet knife, the blade is crucial as it is the knife’s heart. Rhinoreto is the best fillet knife under 50 for fish made up of high-quality stainless steel material. The good thing about this perfect knife is that it is corrosion-resistant and has a sharp edge.

Rhinoreto is the professional fillet knife considered to be in the category of best filet knives beating on flexibility. Moreover, it has a pointy tip with which you can make all your necessary fillet operations as easy as you want. Most surprisingly, it has a nonstick coating, which helps make the perfect meat slices very quickly.


  • Best quality fillet knife kitchen
  • None slip-safe rubber handle.
  • Flexible and curved blade
  • Equipped with blister packaging
  • It comes with an excellent sharpening edge
  • It gives you a great grip while cutting.
  • High-quality fillet knife
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • The metal blade quality could be more improved




Now we are going some of the best professional fillet knives;


2. Best High Carbon Fillet KnifeChicago Cutlery


 Chicago Cutlery Walnut is a flex fillet knife having a slender blade. Noticeably, if any tight-fitting spaces when you are filleting fish and meats.

The size of this amazing and fish fillet knife is 7.5 inches. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is considered the best professional fillet knife for saltwater fish.

If we talk about the material of this Best fillet knife for cleaning fish, then it is made up of high carbon stainless steel grades. Additionally, it is corrosion resistant as well as resistant to other such stains.

In fact, it is the finest fillet knife to cut fish that gives you stability and control for safe handling during meal preparation.


  • The quality of these best-rated fillet knives is up to the mark
  • Flexible fillet knife with a curved blade
  • Resist corrosion for a long time
  • come with the lifetime warranty
  • High quality at a good price
  • Flex fillet knife
  • Easy to sharpen
  • According to a few customers, it is sometimes difficult to handle the fillet knife.


3. Best Fishing Comfort Fillet KnifeMorakniv


 Morakniv is considered to be one of the top fillet knives which are comfortable to use. Before starting fishing, the first thing is to have a good best professional fillet knife, and it can be possible by using this knife. It also comes in the category of top professional fillet knives in the world. It is also the chef fillet knife and the best-rated fillet knife.

Moreover, you also have the choice of choosing a short or medium-length fillet knife for hunting, particularly for small-sized fish for the larger fish.


  • Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade
  • High friction handle having patterns.
  • The blade gives you razor sharpness.
  • It comes with a great grip when cleaning fish
  • Best rated fillet knife
  • Dishwasher safe
  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good handling for daily kitchen activities
  • The knife’s sharpness becomes dull after some time


Now we are going to discuss some of the best fillet knife for deer;


4. Best fillet knife for catfishKershaw Clearwater

If you want to chop down different kinds of fish such as salmon, catfish, tuna, tilapia, Kershaw is a perfect choice. Additionally, it is considered to be the best fillet knife for large fish. It is also used as the best duck fillet knife for tuna and the best deer fillet knife.

This fillet knife is most surprisingly equipped with a soft textured grip for easy usage, even in wet conditions. This is the best flex fillet knife, which is one step further from other fillet knives. The reason is that it has a durable ABS sheet.


  • Best professional fillet knife
  • Have ABS sheet with a belt holster for safe storage
  • Excellent rubber grip for comfortable handling
  • Non-slip chef knife
  • Excellent deer fillet knife for letting lodge fresh and saltwater fish
  • High-performance Stainless Steel blade
  • Black textured copolymer handle.
  • Razor sharpness and easy to sharpen
  • The quality of the knife could be more improved


5. Best Cordless Electric Fillet KnifeBubba Li-Ion

Bubba Li-Ion is the special cordless fillet knife that is easy to use and easy to handle. The interesting thing which I like about this long fillet knife is that it is easy to maneuver. Moreover, this is also the finest duck fillet knife that has a razor Sharp tactical blade. It is also the best deer fillet knife.

Now you do not have to worry about handling it because it is easy to hold the knife that does not slip out of your hands. Bubba is a fantastic brand with the best fillet knife reviews.


  • Best fillet knife for salmon
  • Has Beautiful pattern design and attractive color
  • Top chef fillet knife
  • Removable blades for easy cleaning
  • Non-slip Reciprocating blades
  • Lightweight best quality fillet knife
  • Very lightweight flex fillet knife
  • The battery life of this flex fillet knife is not much reliable


6. Best Dexter Fillet KnifeP94812


 Dexter is the best kitchen fillet knife, which is famous as a workhorse good fillet knife. It is considered to be the finest knife in the market because it is made up of high-quality grade material. Dexter comes with excellent fillet knife reviews.

Related Product: Dexter P94813 Narrow Fillet Knife, 8-Inch

Moreover, the knife is considered the best professional fillet knife with razor-sharp blades for easy filleting. Most surprisingly, it is effortless to handle because of its comfortable gripping and non-slipping features. People love to purchase this high-quality, sharp fillet knife because of its economical price.


  • Best fillet knife for panfish
  • High quality stain-free high carbon Steel Blade
  • Durable and slip-resistant polypropylene handles
  • Best fillet knife for chicken
  • Economical best fillet knife for walleye
  • Made up of high-quality Stainless Steel material
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • It offers an average built-in quality



7. Best Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet knife + Single Stage Sharpener


If you want to purchase the best fillet knife for red snapper with great flexibility, Rapala4 is the appropriate choice. It has a soft grip with a single-stage sharpener. So we can say that it is a super flexible top-rated fillet knife with excellent fillet knife reviews.

Moreover, it is also the best fillet knife for butchering deer with a maximum maneuverability level.

You have a choice to choose the three-length size blades such as 4 inch, 6 inches, and 7.5-inch blade length.


  • Best fillet knife to cut fish
  • Softgrip long fillet knife
  • Easy handling and maximum control and comfort while feel letting.
  • Equipped with a black sheet that easily fits on your belt
  • Best fillet knife for saltwater fish
  • Comfortable to hold the molded textured handle
  • Sharp blades but loose handles




8. Best Boning and Fillet KnifeShun Cutlery Classic


 Shun Cutlery is a classic boning and top fillet knife present in the market. The most surprising thing is the finest quality that will easily pass in between the fish. People usually like to buy Shun cutlery because it is made in Japan.

Additionally, it is the best fillet knife for large fish, whether a high-performance razor-sharp blade. This blade features VG Max Steel, which smoothly glides through the fish as well as bones. It is also used as the fillet knife for deer. The handle of this long fillet knife is D-shaped with a small bridge that fits perfectly in your hand for a secure grip.


  • Best fillet knife for beef
  • This deer fillet knife gives you precise knife slices effortlessly
  • D-shaped handles for a secure grip and excellent control.
  • Durable knife and gives professional results
  • Best fillet knife to cut fish
  • Double bevel Steel Blade
  • Close controlled cut or fillet
  • High-quality fillet knife
  • The blade’s flexible capability needs to be more increased


9. Best Victorinox Fillet Fishing Knife8-Inch Straight


 Victorinox is a straight-top fish fillet knife. If you are looking for an economical and high-quality knife, you are at the right place because it comprises high-quality German Carbon Steel. I usually like its beautiful one-piece design.

Moreover, it is considered the finest fillet knife for cutting deer, and it has great reviews with ergonomic handles. So you can easily handle the fish while cutting it with no fear of slipping from your hand.


  • Best fillet knife to cut fish
  • Made up of high carbon Stainless Steel Blade
  • Long fillet knife ideal for separating meat, fish, or poultry
  • High-quality knife with textured and slip-resistant handles
  • Best fillet knife for meat
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • High friction non-slip handle
  • Rigid blade knife for butchering


10. Best WÜSTHOF Classic Fillet Knife7 Inch

WÜSTHOF is a high-quality fillet knife where length of the blade is 7 inches. Moreover, it is also covered with a leather sheath for safety. The Blades of this top-rated fillet knife is made up of stainless steel.

Moreover, it is flexible enough and is a little bit wider than other filleting knives. It is the best fillet knife for large salmon with an elegant design and a beautiful transition from blade to handle. Now, you can easily use this knife with excellent grip without fear of not slipping it from your hands.


  • High-quality fillet knife for meat and fish
  • Equipped with precision edge technology with 20% more sharpening
  • 7-inch fillet knife with leather sheath
  • corrosion-resistant long fillet knife
  • The perfect fillet knife for trout which is easy to clean
  • Ergonomically designed handle for good grip
  • Best fillet knife to cut fish
  • A costly fillet knife for cleaning fish


11. Best Mercer Culinary Fillet KnifeMillennia Narrow


 Mercer Culinary Millennia is equipped with an exceptional razor-sharp 8.5-inch blade. Moreover, it is the top-rated fillet knife with a high-quality carbon-based Japanese Steel Blade. You can easily slice any type of fish or any slab of meat with this fillet knife.

This is the best cordless fillet knife with an ergonomic handle. This handle is made up of propylene for durability and stands Turpan for easy handling. So if you want to get the razor-sharp blades, you are at the right place because it is the best high-quality fillet knife with all the qualities you want in it.


  • Best fillet knife for bluegill
  • Slip-resistant textured finger points
  • Ergonomic and durable handle
  • Japanese filleting knife allows easy maintenance and rapid sharpening.
  • High quality stain-free Japanese Steel Blade
  • Best fillet knife for catfish
  • Propylene and Santoprene Ergonomic handle
  • The sharpness of the flex fillet knife is not much effective


12.  Best  boning meat & Filleting fish KnifeKastKing

KastKing is a 7-inch stainless steel best fillet knife under 50 with razor sharpness. It is among the top rated fillet knives. Moreover, it has an attractive German stainless steel Blade with a beautiful black finish. The good thing about this high-quality fillet knife is that it maintains longer in saltwater and fresh applications.

It is considered to be the best cordless fillet knife for filleting fish of all sizes. Additionally, it has 6 inches, 7 inches, and 9 inches Tailors curved blades with perfect flexibility. The flexibility will easily help make perfect fillets.


  • Best fillet boning knife for cleaning fish
  • Have high quality sharp Stainless curved blades
  • Equipped with perfect flexibility for perfect fillers
  • Beautiful orange color protective shield for safety
  • Perfect for filleting and boning
  • Long fillet knife for making Precision cuts
  • Equipped with precise edge retention
  • The tip of the blade is of average quality

How To Fillet a Fish?

Fillet knives are mainly designed to cut fish and remove bones. Having a top-notch fillet knife in your kitchen is not enough unless you get to know its proper usage. As the fish is delicate, it needs good care during cutting.

  • Initially, use the back of the blade to descale the fish
  • Now remove the fins and take the skin off
  • Then remove the entrails and rinse with tap water
  • In the second part, you have to cut the fish but make sure this cutting is lengthwise.
  • Now cut each side to trace the fillets
  • Now remove the fillets from the spine
  • Repeat the process to remove the second fillet from the other side

You can use this technique on all types of knives using fillet knives.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the best and sharpest fillet knife?
It is the one that is equipped with all the features such as its durability and razor-shaped blades. It must be easy to sharpen and has the sharpest edge. You must go to Carbon Steel whenever purchasing the fillet knife for your kitchen.
Q2. How to sharpen a fillet knife?
To sharpen the fillet knife, you have to pull the knife-edge through the sharpening stage, which is usually a thin slot on the sharpener’s top. You can sharpen your fillet knife by the number of passes it takes to reach the required sharpness.
Q.3 What size fillet knife should I buy?
If you want to cut small-sized fish such as bluegills or perches, then a 6-inch blade is enough. If you want to target small trout, then a 7.5-inch blade is the right choice, whereas the larger fish, such as salmon, will require a 9-inch blade high-quality fillet knife.
Q.4 How to choose a fillet knife?
When you’re choosing a high-quality fillet knife, make sure you check its blade –that must be durable, thinner, and must hold sharp edges. Plus, make sure the knife’s length is appropriate for the size of fish you’re filleting.

This is the end of our product reviews. Lastly, I am going to guide you about our experts final verdicts for the fillet knives.


Would you like to mess up with your seafood prep when the guests are waiting outside? Probably, not! Then you should really not try to take a risk by using any standard knife –this finest quality fillet knife is made for you. So there we go with our exclusive top picks. Choosing any one of these will not disappoint you anyway.

Moreover, our detailed guide will answer all your questions and for sure let you decide the perfect one. If you’re confused about getting the perfect one, then don’t worry! We have got your back. We’d love to proclaim our recommendation –our exclusive top pick.

Rhinoreto Fish fillet knifes an exclusive choice that not only meets everyone’s budget but has got some serious power to tackle you. Its sharp pointed edge and overall lightweight construction make the filleting easier and quicker than before. Don’t bother to think about it; just get it.

However, Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition Fillet Knife isn’t away from the best fillet knife’s standard. The high-end carbon-black corrosion-resistant design makes it a great choice.


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