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Vegetables are a most essential part of our meal, it has different variety & sizes, like cabbage, cauliflower, butternut squash, mushroom, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. due to which normally used knife is not perfect for shaping or cutting all types of vegetables. Cooking is easier when you have a specially designed and relevant knife for vegetables or fruits.

Similarly, there are different types of kitchen knives, according to their lengths, shapes, grips. If you have passionate about perfect cooking then you should have a collection of relevant best kitchen knives according to your usage and style or select one that is suitable for your daily usage. Meanwhile, the best knife for cutting vegetables demands to choose it carefully.

What is a vegetable knife:

As the name proposes, a vegetable blade is necessary, or even only, used to cut, chop, slice, dice, and shape vegetables. In spite of the fact, that most kitchen blades, especially paring blades and culinary specialist’s blades are utilized to cut vegetables, the straight-edged Japanese Nakiri Bocho are planned explicitly for the undertaking. But you should select it according to your need.

Master tips!

#1 According to the cooking experts, one thing is very important when you are choosing a vegetable knife that is;

“Wider the blade, Easier to cut”

A more extensive cutting edge permits you to gather up veggie strips and pieces and slide them directly into your soup or serving of mixed greens.

Experts recommend 5-7 inches its length.

#2 Your blade will last more and stay more honed in the event that you pick a steel edge.BEST KNIFE FOR CUTTING VEGETABLES-pinterest


Uses of vegetables cutting knife

A vegetable knife is useful for Preparing vegetables, including cutting, slashing, cutting, and dicing both little and huge vegetables.

In the normal kitchen, people use it for all purposes because generally, chef’s blade uses in the kitchen but there are many differences between the vegetable knife and chef’s knife, for your guidelines we have shortly described it below.


Best knife for cutting vegetables 2021-Quick picks




What is the difference between Vegetable Knife and Chef Knife?

A vegetable knife named means it is only for veggies, herbs, and for some fruits. A vegetable knife is not ideal for cutting & cleaving meat, in the event that you do it, at that point, you will ruin your blade. On the other hand chef’s knives are multipurpose and can utilize on veggies, spices, organic products, and meat.


How to Pick the Best Knife for Cutting Vegetables?

Before choosing any vegetable knife the following things must be in mind;

Blade Type:

Every type of knife is not suitable for most vegetables, because they are not created for this purpose. Some main types that are mostly use as vegetable knives have been discussed below;


Santoku Knife vs Chef’s Knife

Santoku knife is not the same as Chef’s knife because it is different in shape’s size; Chef’s knife is longer in length than Santoku knife. So, due to its shorter length, the Santoku knife is somewhat better for chopping in an easier and smooth way.

Santoku will in general be a little smaller with regards to edge thickness and may scallop for less grinding between the blade edge and the vegetable.


Nakiri knife vs Santoku knife

I can say that the Nakiri knife is similar to the Santoku knife. Its shape is like a cleaver, due to its shape Nakiri knife chop the vegetables in a large volume. Some experts highly recommend it as a Good vegetable knife.


Paring Vegetable knives

A paring knife is a small type of kitchen knife. You can say a smaller champion of vegetables. It is very useful for uncovering tomatoes, peppers, sliced garlic, and fresh potatoes.

A paring knife is not suitable for longer vegetables. If you want to know more about paring knife uses then click here and read our best article on “what is the paring knife used for”.




Alloy steel or high Carbon Steel is recommended for vegetable knives. You may maintain it at home easily. Sharpen it through a quality tool by following some guidelines.


Mostly polyurethane handles are recommended in new research because it is easy to maintain at home as compared to a wooden handle.

Master Tip! But here we should keep in mind an important thing that polyurethane handles must keep clean and sanitize.



If you are not aware of tang then I guide it. Tang is basically a portion of the knife’s blade in the grip handle. The purpose of tang is the balance and stability of the knife. Full tang makes the knife more durable and balancing.



Generally, a longer blade gives better results than shorten one as we described before, But keep in mind you may select it according to the vegetable’s size. So, the knife should be in relevant length and height. The height of the vegetable knife helps to chop easily and length helps to balance the knife. But it depends on vegetables and the kind of chopping.

On the other hand, the knife smaller in both dimensions generates quick results for cutting cherry tomatoes, cutting garlic, removing stems, or other tiny products of the soil.


The shape of the knife is also a necessary thing to consider, we know that look affects. It’s not a joke, the feeling of gripping a well-shaped knife; encourage us to cook happily than only a sharper but not a well-shaped knife.

Easy to Sharpen:

Select a blade that stays sharper for a long time, and sharp easily, with a manual sharpening system or with a good quality tool.



Now we are going to discuss what is the best vegetable knife…

Let’s Dive in…

9 Best knives for cutting vegetables


1. Best Cutco vegetable knife-High Carbon Stainless Straight Edge blade

CUTCO Model 1735 Vegetable Knife............7.7" x 2.0"


Model: 1735 | Brand: Cutco | Color: Classic Brown(black) | Blade Straight Edge : 7.7″ x 2.0″ | Handle : 5¾” Classic Brown |  (“Black”) Handle | Blade Edge : Plain | Total Knife Dimensions: 3.8 x 13.8 x 1.3 inches | Blade Material: Stainless Steel | Made in: USA |


CUTCO products always meet user expectations, and, they are American made. This is a Vegetable Blade from Cutco Cutlery. The best knife for chopping vegetables and dicing style blade. Incredible for Asian style cooking and mincing. Incredible version to your kitchen! Great gift for people who love to cook. We use this knife every day. Everyone may use it as an iron chef.

Review of the normal user about this knife:

We have a wide variety of knives here, all bought at different times, used for different purposes. When a recipe calls for chopping up vegetables, however, this knife is sought out. It is sharp (I’ve had it for over a year and still feels as sharp as the day I got it). Another person, who is very good with knives, actually sliced her finger open pretty badly (or good, depending on how you look at it). She was very impressed with this knife when that happened – she’s also paid closer attention when using it.

Yes, I did warn her the knife was very sharp *before* she used it. It shines most when trying to cut up very tough vegetables, like acorn squash. I didn’t know that I could bake it before cutting it open, so I just had at it with this knife and with a little caution and elbow grease, got the squash open. I later told someone about it and they balked at me with gaping eyes, as if opening an acorn squash shouldn’t be humanly possible unless it’s baked.

  • High Carbon Stainless Straight Edge blade
  • In a factory-sealed plastic bag
  • Use for  home defense also
  • Super sharp.
  • Great handle.
  • Superior quality
  • Product in Warranty
  • 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • Great Quality
  • A little bit high in cost.

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2.Best Wusthof vegetable knifeWusthof Gourmet 8″  fruit & Vegetable Knife


Wusthof Gourmet 8" Vegetable Knife



Brand: Wusthof | Model:4560-7/20 | Color: Black | Blade Material: Stainless Steel | Handle Material: Polypropylene | Knife Demensions:14.5 x 3 x 1 inches | knife Weight:7.2 ounces | Made in Germany |



The Connoisseur 8″ Vegetable Blade is ideal for cleaving and cutting leafy foods. It includes enormous, particular openings that make air pockets among produce and the cutting edge. These enormous air pockets keep anything from adhering to the sharp edge. The Connoisseur 8″ Vegetable Blade is ideal for slashing and cutting foods grown from the ground.

It includes enormous, particular openings that make air pockets among produce and the blade. The longwise edge likewise redirects food away from the sharp edge keeping anything from staying and essentially decreasing contact and drag while cleaving. It is perfect for Prep a wide array of fresh produce, including potatoes, which tend to stick to a knife’s blade.

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8″ Circulated air through Vegetable Blade with manufactured polypropylene handles that oppose blurring, staining, warmth and effect. Accurately laser-cut stepped blades offer sublime quality and worth. High Carbon Treated Steel Edge, unequivocally cut with the most recent cutting edge innovation for inconceivable sharpness and simple support.

WÜSTHOF kitchen blades are Hand Wash As they were. WÜSTHOF cutlery is made to oppose erosion and dulling. This German-made Kitchen Blade set Accompanies a restricted Lifetime Guarantee. A professional sharpener would provide a more excellent edge.

5-star rating from a Cold Station user: It boosted my productivity by at least 200%. I must always use dull knives because I have not ever been able to cut raw vegetables with ease until I found this knife. The knife is lighter weight than other more pricey knives i have so I hope it is durable and lasts a long time

  • Much better than traditional knives
  • Also great for chopping or slicing garlic
  • Yes. It is the best knife for chopping onions, celery, leeks.
  • Overall rating 4.8 out of 5
  • Lightweight
  • Long-Lasting Handles
  • Easy to use
  • Comfort-fits my hand perfectly
  • Value for money
  • Pricey-but you get what you pay for!
  • The knife is set up for a right-handed person

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3.Best Wusthof classic vegetable knifeHollow Edge Santoku Knife

 Wusthof 4183 Wusthof Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife 7, 7", Black


Brand: Wüsthof Classic Series | Model: WU4183 | Size:7 inches | Knife Dimensions:14 x 2 x 1 inches | Item Weight:5.6 ounces | Color: Black | Blade Material: Alloy | Blade Hollow Edge: Santoku knife | Blade Angle:15⁰ | 3 Piece Knife Set with dual riveted synthetic | handle: synthetic material |



This item is made to oppose erosion and dulling and it is a high carbon Stainless Steel Blades, precisely. It is a full tang knife and its handle material Polyoxymethylene which has a tighter molecular structure to resist fading and discoloration and with a conventional look and feel, stickered with its red Pike logo.

The CLASSIC Hollow Edge Santoku Knife is planned with a more slender edge than the conventional culinary specialist’s blade, at a 10 forefront, and progressively bends up at the end giving a straighter edge.

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The hollow edge is made with uniformly dispersed vertical spaces, which make little air pockets between the edge and the food. These little air pockets tenderly push food off the cutting edge and lessen grinding and drag. This blade permits cooks to easily prepare a wide exhibit of new products, including dull vegetables like potatoes, which will in general adhere to a blade’s cutting edge.

Accuracy produced from a solitary clear of high carbon treated steel. End to end length that is triple bolted to the handle for exact control. Accuracy Edge Innovation (PEtec) yields a cutting edge that is 20% keener with double the edge maintenance. It is Tempered to 58⁰ Rockwell.  Also, it is giftable, you may present it to your friends or relatives.

  • Overall rating 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Full support and finger monitor
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Available in 5 & 7 inches
  • Also available in 5inch and 3inch paring knife
  • Great knife, but the red Wusthof logo washed off after 2nd week of ownership

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4.Best Cutco tomato knifeTrimmer with Double-D serrated edge blades

CUTCO Model 3721 Santoku-Style Trimmer with Double-D serrated edge blades and Classic Dark Brown handles (often called "Black").


Brand: Catco | Model:3721C | Color: Dark brown handle(black) | Dimensions: 11.2 x 2.2 x 0.1 inches | Blade Length: 5 inch | Weight: 2.4 ounces | Made in: USA | 



Santoku-Style Trimmer with Double-D serrated edge sharp edges, Ergonomic handle, and Exemplary Dull Earthy colored handles (frequently called “Dark”). Welcome it to your kitchen and you’ll before long be unable to work without it. It’s the ideal decision for such countless plans. The trimmer for Passover and it works well all around.

It is very useful to trim meats, cut fruits, vegetables, and slice bagels and even roasts, use it for almost everything.  If you can buy one, this one is a great option.Profoundly designed thermo-tar ergonomic handles won’t break, chip, blur or retain the material. The blade extends the full length of the handle for extra strength and balance

  • Very sharp!
  • Easy to grip
  • Efficient and durable knife
  • Full Tang
  • It does not come with a cover.
  • Not too long.
  • Better use with the cutting board(due to its specific height)

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5. Best Shun dm0712 classic 7-inch Chinese

 Shun Classic 7 Inch Cleaver Ebony PakkaWood Handle and VG-MAX Damascus Clad, Blade Steel Ultimate Tool for Chopping or Slicing Vegetables, DM0712, Silver



Brand: Shun | Model: DM0712 | Color: Silver | Size: 7 inches(precisely 7 1/16” long (3 1/2”) wide) | Dimensions:12.1 x 3.8 x 1 inches | Weight:13.6 ounces | Handle Material: Pakkawood | Blade Edge: Plain | Blade Material: VG-MAX | Made in: hand crafted in Japan |


The Shun Classic 7-inch Vegetable Cleaver is a powerful yet nimble tool. Every part of its square, wide blade can be used. Use the sharp edge for chopping vegetables, especially larger vegetables like cabbage and boneless meats. The surface of the blade is ideal for crushing ginger, garlic cloves, and more. The Japanese word “shun” refers to a food’s peak ripeness, Shun embraces its name to produce kitchen knives of peak performance and advanced materials.

The 7-inch Vegetable Cleaver has weight and power while also being capable of agile, accurate movements. The cutting core of the blade is made from the exclusive Shun formula of VG-MAX steel, an innovative formula with additional tungsten for sharpness, cobalt and carbon for strength and durability, and additional chromium for resistance to wear and corrosion.

The Vegetable Cleaver is made with a thinner blade for easier control, making meal preparations an enjoyable process. Classic 7-inch Vegetable Cleaver is an elite knife, ideal for every household.

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  • Steel is of very high quality
  • 4.7 out of 54.7 out of 5
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to hold
  • Suitable for a smaller/adult hand
  • Designed for use by left or right-handed users
  • Double edge(16 degrees on both sides – double)
  • No sheath that goes with this item
  • It can’t chop light bones

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6.Best Nakiri Kitchen Vegetable Knife

UO Nakiri Knife - Vegetable Cleaver Kitchen Knives


Brand: TUO Cutlery | Model: TC0717 | Color: Fiery | Size: Fiery Nakiri 6.5″ | Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel | Handle Material: Pakkawood | Dimensions: 11.34 x 0.09 x 2.04 inches | Weight: 8.2 ounces | Made of Japanese AUS-10 Damascus | Made in: China |

Review of a User:

For the money this knife costs…. it’s quite amazing. Extremely sharp, handle and pinch grip is very comfortable. Looks beautiful and even comes in a nice box. I’m not a professional chef but I love to cook.



Best Kitchen Performance Steel

This line of kitchen knives is using German X50CrMov15 (Din. 1.4116) stainless steel, which has the best kitchen cutting performance among all steels. All the world-famous brands like W-M-F, ZWIILL, and Wu-though are using the same steel. It is not only incredibly razor-sharp but also holding the edge very good and easy to maintain. The knife is suitable to cut vegetables, meat, and fruit.

High-Tech Packwood Handle

The full tang handle is made from our Patent Pending high technology composited high-density Packwood. Compare to other Packwood, it is way more stable and sanitary, No matter how bad the kitchen environment is, it will be no shrimp, no expansion, no crack like traditional wood and Packwood handle, which assures you the best food safety. Furthermore, it also looks much more luxurious and beautiful than other kitchen knife brands’ handle.

None-Tired Ergonomic Handle Design

From the striking grain of the polished Packwood handle to the gentle curve of the blade, this is an ergonomic handle design for exceptional comfort and durability

Cleaning Methods:


Use a sponge and light dish soap to clean the knife. After rinsing under water be sure to dry the knife before storing it. Never in the dishwasher. Every month or so I sharpen with a whetstone.


Or Hand wash with mild dishwashing liquid and dry with a paper towel. Under no circumstances do you put that knife in the dishwasher.


Use mild soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Probably any soft cloth and gentler cleanser will work. Prevents scratching and my knife still looks brand new.

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How to sharpen:

Sharp it at 12-15 degrees, it works great and doesn’t mess the blade angle up at all.

Or start sharpening with a Honing Steel. That would eliminate minor edge deficiencies and restore the factory edge. If more needs to be done, TUO has a very nice sharpener for sale that utilizes sharpening stones to correct blade issues.


  • Beautiful, well-balanced, and very easy to maintain.
  • Easy to hold
  • 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • A definitely-super sharp and great quality knife
  • Sharp on one side( not both sides)
  • Not for Bones
  • the handle is made of plastic and not wood

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7. Best Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife

 Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife


Brand: Mercer Culinary | Model: M20907 | Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 12 inches | Color: Nakiri Vegetable Knife | Weight:9.2 ounces | Blade Material: High Carbon Steel | Handle Material: Santoprene | Blade Edge: Plain | Blade size:7 inches | Blade Angle Degree: 15-18 degrees | German steel | Handle size: 5 inches |



Mercer Cutlery offers the Genesis Collection of kitchen knives to provide professional quality to the home chef. This knife is comfortable, durable, and efficient, Genesis knife features a fully forged, single-piece blade made from high-carbon, no-stain German steel. Its taper-grind edges are polished by hand, and substantial bolsters provide helpful balance. The black nonslip Santoprene handle makes Genesis’s knife comfortable and secure in the grip, improving efficiency and safety in the kitchen.

Borrowing from Asian kitchen craft, this Genesis 7-inch usuba cleaver features a rectangular blade for super thin slices and precise control over hard vegetables. A complement to the Genesis chef’s, carving, and santoku knives, the piece is made in Taiwan using European components and technology. It should be washed by hand for best results and carries Mercer’s one-year warranty.

High carbon forged steel from Soligen, Germany. Stain-resistant x50 Cr Mo V15 resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration. Full tang that runs the entire length of the handle for superior balance. Taper-ground edge allows for added stability, easy honing, long-lasting sharpness, and increased efficiency when cutting and chopping. Hand washes knives for blade edge and surface care.

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Care and handling of Genesis cutlery

The performance of a knife can be diminished if not cared for properly.

Cutlery should never be washed in a dishwasher because intense heat and harsh detergents may cause the handle to deteriorate. Carefully wash by hand with soap and warm water, rinse and dry with a soft towel. Do not soak or submerge in water for long periods of time or use chlorine bleach because it can pit and discolor the blade. Avoid soaking in aluminum or stainless steel sinks because these metals may cause pitting on the blade.

  • Pros:
  • Santoprene handle for comfort and safe grip, NSF certified

  • Full tang
  • 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Durable
  • Easy to hold(No-slip handle)
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Giftable
  • handles great for melons and squash
  • Well balanced, good heft
  • very sharp knife use a sturdy cutting board

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8.Best Nakiri & Vegetable Knife – 7DALSTRONG-Quantum 1 Series


DALSTRONG - Nakiri & Vegetable Knife - 7" - Quantum 1 Series - American Forged BD1N-VX High-Carbon Steel - Carbon Fibre G10 Hybrid Handle


Brand: Dalstrong | Color: Ultra-premium American forged BD1N-VX Hyper Steel | Size: 7 inches(blade 6″, handle 5″, blade thickness 2.5mm) | Blade Material: American Forged BD1N-VX High-Carbon Steel, Forged | Blade Edge: Plain | Construction Type : Forged | Weight: 2.1 pounds | Package Dimensions: 17 x 4.7 x 1.7 inches |


This knife is Precision forged, ultra sharp, wear-resistant, single-piece, high carbon American BD1N-VX steel at an astounding 63+ HRC, with an added vacuum heat seal treatment, earning the “VX” designation. The edge is painstakingly hand sharpened to 8-12° per side, maintaining the perfect balance between blade sharpness and maximum resilience.

Uniquely designed with our “Nova Prime” blade pattern that reduces drag and increases efficiency. Tall blade height gives knuckle clearance to assist with food preparation and chopping activity. Beautiful hand-polished satin finish blade, tapered design for hardness and flexibility, added chromium for stain resistance. Precisely tempered for added durability, Polished spine to facilitate a comfortable pinch grip.

This knife cuts through everything nicely. I have used it on beef, chicken, pork, and even delicate produce and it’s one of my all-purpose go-to knives. The handle feels great in your hand as well. If you are on the fence just go for it. You won’t be disappointed.e chef knife can also be used in chopping vegetables and herbs, mincing meat, and suitable for chopping through thin soft bones such as fish and poultry.You can also use it as the best flexible boning knife.

  • Easy to hold
  • 4.8 out of 54.8 out of 5
  • Carbon Fibre G10 Hybrid Handle
  • Comes with Leather Carbon-Fibre Sheath
  • Neatly Packed with Dalstrong’s Renowned Packaging
  • Dalstrong Support
  • Full tang for incredible robustness & quality.
  • Rustless
  • Not easily useful for smaller vegetables

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How to Sharpen DALSTRONG-Quantum 1 Series knife?

In terms of sharpening, whetstones are the BEST way, although they require a little skill, but scary sharp edges are easily attainable. I would advise 1000 grit and 6000 grit, although you can also go even finer. Soak the 6000 grit side in water for less time than the 1000 grit.

If you are not inclined to try or use whetstones, we would advise using a sharpening device that is suitable for Japanese style blades, that is, blades with a steep (acute) angle. It is also advisable to take your knives into a professional now and again if you prefer an expert to handle it and not to bother with whetstones or sharpeners.

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9. Best Imarku Chef vegetable Knife-Pro Kitchen Paring Knife 8 Inch


imarku Chef Knife - Pro Kitchen Knife 8 Inch Chef's Knives High Carbon German Stainless Steel Sharp Paring Knife with Ergonomic Handle


Brand:Imarku | Model: SC10-01 | Color: Black | Size:8 inches| Handle Material : Pakkawood | Blade Material: Stainless steel, carbon | Blade Edge: Plain |Dimensions : 13 x 3 x 1 inches | Weight: 12.8 ounces | Made in : Solingen, Germany |


The Imarku 8-inch gyutou knife is designed for professionals who include chefs, culinary experts, food caterers as well as an ordinary person. It is a multipurpose knife that is ideal for various tasks which include cutting, chopping, dicing, and slicing vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and other products. It is also ideal for removing flesh from bones as well as pounding /smashing garlic.

The knife is crafted using German engineering and features a toughened stainless steel blade that measures 8-inches. This 2.3 mm thick blade consists of approximately 0.6%-0.75% carbon for added strength and durability. The length of the handle is 5 inches giving the knife an overall length of 13 inches. To ensure the knife is resistant against rust/corrosion and won’t rust, the steel blade also consists of 16-18% chrome material.

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  1. * – The chrome-finish doesn’t rust or tarnish easily and requires minimal maintenance. Also, cleaning the knife is as simple as washing with clean water and mild soap.
  2. * – Do not use your hand to test the hardness of the blade
  3. * – Hand washing is recommended yet safe for dishwashers.


  • Dishwasher Safe item( But please prevent)
  • 4.7 out of 54.7 out of 5
  • Easy to hold
  • Strong and Durable
  • User-friendly and Ergonomic
  • Versatile and Classy
  • lifetime warranty
  • Not for juggling
  • Prevent from bones
  • It is not suitable for slicing through frozen foods as this may make the blade lose its sharpness.
  • The knife isn’t designed for use in a hot flame because this may make the protective finish to wear away and give the blade a permanent dull finish.

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1. What types of knives are best for cutting vegetables?
Utility Blade: Bigger than a paring blade yet more modest than the cook’s blade, the utility blade is utilized for ordinary assignments, for example, hacking and cutting vegetables. Santoku Blade: A mix between the meat knife and the cook’s blade, it’s utilized for cutting, dicing, and mincing.
2. What advantages does A Nakiri Knife have over a good sharp chef knife?
For me, the nakiri fares better than a standard chef knife because of the way I use it. A nakiri has a flat blade, while a chef knife normally has a curved blade. When I have to prep multiple vegetables, I prefer the chopping method. The nakiri is suited for that type of chopping method



As we discussed many types of kitchen vegetable knives, but we observed and tested a specific vegetable knife. We observed during using of many knives in different kitchens and different styles of cutting vegetables that are Nakiri vegetable knives these are better to cut your vegetables than either chef’s blades or Santoku. They show extraordinary for strong vegetables and with slightly cut we can easily shape our vegetable without any strong shock.


Final Verdict:

We have tried to discuss the “best knife for cutting vegetables “and tried to make it easy for the selection of the best vegetable knife. If you feel that we have missed any point then please guide us we feel pleasure.

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