Single Bevel Knife vs Double Bevel Kitchen Knife Updated 2021

Single Bevel Knife vs Double Bevel Kitchen Knife

Do you want to know what is a knife bevel? right? Basically, the ground surface of any knife that shapes the knife-edge called a bevel. This ground surface starts almost from the middle of the knife’s blade to downward till the edge. If you observe it deeply it shows like an angle on which the blade has been bent. Sometimes it will be on a single side and a few times on both sides of theRead more

What size should a chef knife be? (Full guide Updated May 2021)

What size should a chef knife be?

You don’t have to be a professional to know “What size should a chef knife be”. I know the suitable size of kitchen knives according to our usage make the life comfort and save the time. But you will be surprised after knowing, 90% of home cooks don’t know about the best chef’s knife sizes as per their fellow feelings. Because using an exact match knife, prepare the food easy and fastRead more

What is a knife bolster in kitchen knives | Kitchen Knives Reviews

what is a bolster knife

You don’t have to be a professional to cut or mince veggies, fruits, and meats in the kitchen. But the surprising thing is the 90% of home kitchen cooks still doing their work without a bolster. Because they don’t know, what is a knife bolster and also don’t know about advantages so, they damage their hands. In fact, with a little more money, we can buy a good bolster bladeRead more

Santoku knife vs Chef knife | Differences | KNR

Santoku knife vs Chef knife

In this article, we will be explaining the differences between a Santoku and a Chef’s knife. Both the Santoku and the chef’s knife are good knives the real question is which one is better for you. Here is a brief summary, the Santoku is an adaption of the Western Chef’s knife but then catered to the Japanese cutting style. Let’s jump to know about Santoku knife vs chefRead more

How To Remove Rust From Stainless Steel Knives | 13 Methods

How To Remove Rust From Stainless Steel Knives?

  No matter how high-quality stainless steel is used to make the knife, it will sooner or later fall victim to rust. Not because it is the most abusive item in the kitchen, but because most of the individuals never used to maintain them correctly. Before heading toward the complete content on how to prevent rust on knives, we must know what rust is and the extent to which it is dangerous toRead more

How do you sharpen ceramic knives | Our Best Research

How do you sharpen ceramic knives

Today we’re going to be attempting something that I’ve heard over and over again that is how do you sharpen ceramic knives? I got tons of people asking me whether or not you could sharpen ceramic knives in a world where ceramic knives are known to be throw away consumables. One man stands in the way all right so right out of the box it will slice phone book paper. It’s not aRead more

Types Of Kitchen Knives: A Simple Definition (2021)

Types Of Kitchen Knives

PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN: UNDERSTAND WHICH BEST TYPES OF KNIVES ARE NEEDED     Kitchen knife definition: According to, kitchen knives definition is; A kitchen knife is any knife that is intended to be used in food preparation. While much of this work can be accomplished with a few general-purpose knives – notably a large chef’s knife, a tough cleaver, a small paring knifeRead more

What is a Paring Knife Used For | 15 researched points (2021)


While thinking about knives, the first word that pops in our mind is a whetted tool with the function of cutting and peeling. But a knife isn’t just a cutting gadget, it is the premier device on which the whole kitchen hinges. Not having the right sized knife or not knowing that “What is a paring knife used to cut?” can put a stop to the moreish meals of your family. Knives come in differentRead more

How To Sharpen a Serrated Knife | 7 Easy Methods

how to sharpen a serrated knife

  Serrated knives are the only piece of kitchen cutlery that will still work adequately when the blades are dull. The serrated edge of the knife owes its slicing ability to more than just sharpness. And when your serrated knife needs to sharpen or, the question may have arisen in your mind, how do you sharpen a serrated knife? Because this knife has different edges. There are several methodsRead more

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