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Single Bevel Knife vs Double Bevel Kitchen Knife Updated 2021

Single Bevel Knife vs Double Bevel Kitchen Knife

Do you want to know what is a knife bevel? right? Basically, the ground surface of any knife that shapes the knife-edge called a bevel. This ground surface starts almost from the middle of the knife’s blade to downward till the edge. If you observe it deeply it shows like an angle on which the blade has been bent. Sometimes it will be on a single side and a few times on both sides of theRead more

11 best chef knife under 200$ (May 2021 updated) | KNR

best chef knife under 200$

Looking for an all-rounder kitchen knife for your everyday use of cutting, slicing, chopping, carving, making new creations,s and so on in everyday use right?  For this important purpose, the best chef knife under 200 is a perfect choice. This will perform a maximum of your complicated and normal tasks in the kitchen. As well as, according to the high price it has high benefits. What is a chef’sRead more

What size should a chef knife be? (Full guide Updated May 2021)

What size should a chef knife be?

You don’t have to be a professional to know “What size should a chef knife be”. I know the suitable size of kitchen knives according to our usage make the life comfort and save the time. But you will be surprised after knowing, 90% of home cooks don’t know about the best chef’s knife sizes as per their fellow feelings. Because using an exact match knife, prepare the food easy and fastRead more

3 Best mezzaluna knife reviews | Kitchen Knives Reviews

Best Mezzaluna knife

The mezzaluna is an Italian language word that means “half-moon”, and this knife has a shape like a half-moon so it calls a mezzaluna knife. It is an extremely useful kitchen tool. In old times it has been used by Italian people for different tasks but in the modern world best mezzaluna knife is used for cutting herbs, spices, vegetables, cheese, chocolate, and meat and even pizzas or choppingRead more

Best Fillet Knife 2021 (May updated)| 12 Picks & Detailed Buying Guide


  Sometimes it’s just getting so messy to cut meat and fish from a de-factochef’s knife; the best fillet knife comes right into play. If you’re a seafood lover and love to prepare meals, the right equipment is the first thing you need. After getting the right cutting board, you need the fillet knife to smoothly cut all kinds of seafood. Want to know more about a filletRead more

What is a knife bolster in kitchen knives | Kitchen Knives Reviews

what is a bolster knife

You don’t have to be a professional to cut or mince veggies, fruits, and meats in the kitchen. But the surprising thing is the 90% of home kitchen cooks still doing their work without a bolster. Because they don’t know, what is a knife bolster and also don’t know about advantages so, they damage their hands. In fact, with a little more money, we can buy a good bolster bladeRead more

Best Ulu Knife For Your Kitchen Culinary 2021 | Detailed Reviews

best ulu knife

Introduction: Who isn’t aware of the fact that knives are paramount in every kitchen? But a best ulu knife with a unique design, good-looking, historic knife increases your kitchen splendor. It also makes sense of reliability & charm for a kitchen lover’s eyes. These knives have a great history; they were initially used by the women of Inuit, Yupik, and Aleut tribes of Alaska upRead more

11 BEST KNIFE SET UNDER 200 | Kitchen Knives Reviews


Choosing a knife with all the top-notch features is not kids’ stuff. If you want to get a knife set with all the premium features, you have to pay a good amount. And most of the people hesitate to do so. Introduction: Some peeps use to buy individual knives, and there is perhaps no more naive act than to pay a huge amount on buying individual knives. But what is more pleasing if you get theRead more

10 Best Sharpening Stone For Kitchen Knives to use in 2021

Best Sharpening Stone For Kitchen Knives

What do you feel more irritating than to slice the meat with a dull knife? Undoubtedly all of you have never faced something more frustrating than this. Not just frustrating, but it is time-wasting as well. If your kitchen owns the best sharpening stone for kitchen knives, then what to hassle for? Here rises the importance of the sharpening stones that can work as a magician to give your knifeRead more

Santoku knife vs Chef knife | Differences | KNR

Santoku knife vs Chef knife

In this article, we will be explaining the differences between a Santoku and a Chef’s knife. Both the Santoku and the chef’s knife are good knives the real question is which one is better for you. Here is a brief summary, the Santoku is an adaption of the Western Chef’s knife but then catered to the Japanese cutting style. Let’s jump to know about Santoku knife vs chefRead more

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