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While thinking about knives, the first word that pops in our mind is a whetted tool with the function of cutting and peeling. But a knife isn’t just a cutting gadget, it is the premier device on which the whole kitchen hinges. Not having the right sized knife or not knowing that “What is a paring knife used to cut?” can put a stop to the moreish meals of your family.

Paring knife usesKnives come in different sizes with differences in the quality of steel. But a paring knife is the one that can perform sundry functions as a cutter, peeler, trimmer, slicer and other such services which a knife singly cannot accomplish. Don’t you know, what is a paring knife used for? No need to worry at all. This guide is all about the teeny-weeny paring knife uses and functions, their storage tips, and much more. Hold on to this article till the end to know all about the multi-purpose paring knives.

Now come with me to solve your problem that what would you use a paring knife for?

But before going to dive in we discuss that Why is it called paring knife? Or…

What is a Paring Knife?

Each sized knife is for a specified task. Some large-sized knives are only for cutting. But according to the paring knife definition, it is one that is for multi factors like cutting, peeling, trimming, chopping, and hulling. Due to its small size, we can name it the baby knife of the whole family. This weeny knife is with a blade of 2 inches to 5 inches in length. I think I have cleared your mind about Do you need a paring knife?

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Members of Paring Knife Family!

  • Serrated Paring Knife
  • Curved Paring Knife
  • Bird Beak Paring Knife

What Is a Paring Knife Used For

What are Paring Knives Used For? A Glanced Look:


Having just a paring knife is not less than buying a whole set of knives. You can use this knife as an all-rounder for peeling, cutting, chopping, slicing, trimming, and many other limitless functions. Here is a glanced look at the point, what is paring knife used for in the kitchen?

Paring knife function

  • This multifunctional knife goes best with peeling the fruits and vegetables.
  • Not just peeling, these paring knives are for slicing garlic as well. No matter if it is a single clove or a whole shallot it will do its job amazingly.
  • An enthusiast of baking needs different cutting molds and shaping tools for making shaped cookies or other such eye-catching bakery items. But no need to buy a specific knife or shaped cutting molds for detailed cutting. A paring knife is enough for handling all these jobs. Its sharp edge performs the job of drawing patterns on the surfaces of the dough and other food items.
  • Besides peeling and cutting, a paring knife is a coring machine Yes, you can also use it in coring an apple and other fruits.
  • You can use a chef’s knife only on a cutting board. On the other hand, you can use a paring knife for different means. You can use it by extending it from your hand in the upward direction to peel off the small-sized veggies.


Detailed Tasks of a Paring knife:

Haven’t experienced this baby knife yet? Read this detailed note on the uses of a paring knife and start using it in your daily life kitchen tasks.

Paring Knife in Peeling:

Do you have a serrated knife in a paring knife’s set but don’t know what it functions or What is a serrated knife used for? And how to use it? Here is a complete guidebook for you so, move your eyes to the next line and absorb all the useful content.

The serrated version of the paring knife is best to peel off the fruits and veggies in a long strip. Always hold the knife in your dominant hand to get a good grip. Holding the fruit in your one hand and the knife on the other hand is the easiest way to peel the fruit rather than positioning it on the cutting board.

For peeling, initially place the fingers to hold the extension of the knife. Make certain that the sharp part of the blade is towards you. Place the thumb on the moving side of the knife and keep on pressing the fruit or veggie like boiled potato towards the sharp blade. The blade will start peeling off the skin when you keep on pushing the fruit or veggie in the forward direction.

If the blade cut off more skin, adjust it, and place it in the right position again. Don’t worry if it takes off deep under the skin, cut away the additional part, and use it so it won’t become a part of the trash.

Moreover, if you want to view a detailed clip on how to use a paring knife then we have provided you the complete video for peeling an apple with a paring knife.


Paring Knife for Deveining, Trimming, and Hulling:


Deveining shrimp isn’t an easy task. And if you are a trainee, then you may have to face more complications in doing this piece of work. Don’t worry, a paring knife can convert this task into something manageable.

Now here you will know, what is a curved paring knife used for? Yes you presumed right. A curved paring knife can also assist you in deveining the shrimps or prawns. This video will also assist you in getting the right method of deveining the shrimps.


Paring Knife for Deveining, Trimming, and Hulling


Place a shrimp on a cutting board and seek the dark vein present in it. You can also do this by holding the shrimp in your hand. You will procure a darker vein i.e the intestine of the shrimp located in the backside. Now grip a paring knife in your hand mainly in the dominant hand so that you may clasp it in the best way. Gashing the backside, root out the black vein with the tip of the knife resultantly, the shrimp is ready to cook now.

Many ingredients in the kitchen require proper cleaning before putting them in the cooker. Use this same knife for trimming the ribs from peppers, hulling many veggies and fruits like strawberries, and cleaning the meaty ingredients.


A paring knife is the best device to devoid of the strawberries from the upper green crown. For this, hold a strawberry in one hand and the paring knife in the other one. Now place the knife at the lower boundary of green leaves and snip them in a single slice. Now the crown-free strawberries are ready to become a delicious shake.


Use of Paring Knife in Segmenting Citrus:

Have you noticed about segmenting whenever you thought, what is a paring knife used for in the kitchen? No? Here is another idea to use the paring knife. A paring knife is unbeatable to use in segmenting fruits like oranges.

What is a serrated paring knife used for

Now let’s dive in to know serrated paring knife uses;

Usually, the juicy fruits are a little bit tricky to cut but a serrated knife is ideal to use for segmenting. A serrated paring knife makes very clear cuts with no mess.

Bring out the serrated paring knife and slice off the two ending sides of the orange. Now place the knife in between the juicy and the white pith. Separate the flesh from the pith by pushing the knife straight down. Repeat this step to remove the whole covering of the orange and make the orange completely devoid of the white pith.

Use of Paring Knife in Segmenting Citrus

Once the whole pith is removed, now it’s time to cut the orange into segments. Place the small pared knife on the white line of the orange and push the knife up to the center. Rotate the orange and move to the next line and repeat the previous step. When two lines are cut, you have made a segment.

Do this for the whole orange and toss these segments on the salad to have orangish beauty with savor. Watch the detailed video of segmenting an orange using a paring knife.


Slicing and Mincing Tasks With a Paring Knife:

Small vegetables or other small-sized ingredients like garlic can be diced up using the paring knife. For slicing, place the garlic clove on the cutting board and hold it from its one side. Now place the paring knife on the other side of the clove and start slicing it by moving the knife in the upward and then in the downward direction on the cutting board.

What is a paring knife used for in cooking

You can slice the clove in a vertical as well as in a horizontal direction. Not only cloves, but you can also slice the onion, ginger, and other veggies.

Slicing and Mincing Tasks With a Paring Knife

Here we have mentioned the ingredients for which you can use the paring knife and techniques which you can apply with the little paring knife. Moreover, you can watch out the detailed video on various tasks of a paring knife.

Epitome For Uses of Paring Knife:

For Veggies:

  1. Peeling
  2. Coring
  3. Eyeing Potatoes
  4. Slicing
  5. Removing Seeds
  6. Mincing Herbs
  7. Crushing Garlic
  8. Skinning Mushrooms

For Fruits:

  1. Segmenting Citrus Fruits
  2. Peeling
  3. Hulling Strawberries
  4. Coring
  5. Slicing

For Meat And Fish:

  1. Scoring meat
  2. Deveining prawns
  3. Trimming fat from meat
  4. Carving the small-sized carcasses
  5. Filleting fish
  6. Shucking oysters

These are all functions showing what is a paring knife used to cut? Apply these techniques and make your food with much ease.

What To Look For While Buying a Paring Knife?

For this important piece of the kitchen, a little digging can help you to a great extent. Here we have discussed a few points that you must keep into consideration while choosing a paring knife for your kitchen.

No Compromise On Quality of Steel!

The quality of the material is the thing that makes a device worth buying. A paring knife is with different steels and the best one is with harder steel. The high quality harder steel can hold a sharp blade for a longer time. Moreover, it also does not catch the rust by contacting the moisture. The high carbon stainless steel is also better to use in making the paring knives.

A Comfortable Feel, More Than Anything Else!

You can have a paring knife with the best quality of steel. But if it is not comfortable to clutch, then it is of no use. While choosing a knife, noticing the feel is one of the vital points to consider. A knife with a comfortable holding capacity is the one everyone desires to have in the knives rack.

A Comfortable Feel, More Than Anything Else

Care For Your Paring Knife:

A knife made with high-quality material can go for a lifetime only and only if you keep it with proper care. Here are some of the best tips that can lead your knife to stay sharper for a long time.

Cleaning-A necessary step to increase the lifespan of a Paring Knife:

After using a paring knife, it needs proper cleaning. Once you have completed your tasks with a knife, wash it under tap water using dishwashing soap. Now place it aside and let it dry completely. Now keep it in the knife rack.

How to Keep a Paring Knife Safe?

Can you throw a sword carelessly in any drawer or at any other place? Definitively no. A knife is also just like a sword having a sharp blade. So you must keep it carefully in a knife rack or a separate knife case.

Sharpening a Paring Knife:

No matter how high-quality material is used in the formation of a paring knife, its sharpness will get dull if it’s not stored in the best possible way. If your knife faces the same and the sharp blade gets dull, use a whetstone to get the edge back in the top form of the knife.

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Now you have cleared about paring knife, so now you can easily decide about best paring knife and its uses,

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Here is some asked question about paring knife and about paring knife uses,


Can a paring knife cut meat easily?

After reading this content, you may have many ideas about, what is a paring knife used for? Follow these cutting methods and bring your paring knife in use to make ingredients for scrummy meals.


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